At Escape Photography, we know that every event is unique. That's why our event services are designed specifically with you, the client, in mind.

We start by identifying the aims that you are seeking to achieve.

Then we engage our profession event personnel; from individual photographers, videographers, media & PR executives, to full media teams.

And we provide you with efficient project management throughout your event.

All to ensure the:

  • We meet your brief
  • We deliver in time
  • We deliver on budget                                                       

PR, corporate, sport, festivals, music, road shows, cultural, art, community, celebrations and social; whatever your event, big or small, in the UK or worldwide; Give Us a Call.

Escape Photography have the experience and resources to capture, enhance and raise the profile of your event.

And we've got the skill and expertise to do so, in challenging and changing situations, when the unexpected happens and when things don't quite go to plan.

Event Services:

Photography - Event Documentation, PR Shoots, Large Screen Displays, Onsite Printing, Online Image Libraries

Filming & Editing - Event Documentation, Edited Highlight Videos, Promotional Videos, Live Streaming

Ariel Photography - Film Footage & Stills Images

PR & Media Services - Image & Film Syndication, Compilation & Syndication of Press Releases, Media Management, Project Management, Social Media Management

Website Services - Website Design, Hosting & Management