Kayla to the Rescue!

wet dog orange fish fetchThe McCann Pet Group produces a great range of Wet Dog and Chomper Dog toys that float in water. Easily spottable and robust, the toys are perfect for dogs who love swimming. And when they needed some new images for PR; Kayla, our office dog was only too willing to step in. A tricoloured Pyrenean Mountain Dog x Border Collie, Kayla is very photogenic, and as a good swimmer, was the perfect choice for the McCann Pet Group shoot. We headed off to one of Kayla’s favourite spots for the shoot, a large reservoir, and without a moment’s hesitation; she’d thrown herself into action. No diva strops or ‘Prima Donna’ attitude; Kayla was in and out of the cold January water like a seasoned pro. A couple of hours later and we’d bagged all the images we needed and a happy Kayla had got herself some new toys!

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